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Friday, January 15, 2016

What, Loneliness?

Have you seen a butterfly? The butterfly is a fragile, beautiful, colourfully winged creature. You wouldn't think it was ugly before it evolved to a very lovely specie of its kind. With its size, you would appreciate its creator for the unique design of its wings and its array of colours.  

When I was in grade school, my mother used to grow lots of plants and few flowers such as Gumamela, at the side of our house. One day, I saw a caterpillar crawl on a leaf. It consumed the whole leaf as if it hadn't eaten in days. The caterpillar went to another leaf and ate again, and to another, and another. Until one time, I saw it enclosing itself in a sticky, cotton-like wrap. The caterpillar stayed inside and wrapped for so many days. I was once tempted to touch it but my grandmother asked me against it. Every day, whenever I got home from school, I'd check if it's still hanging under the leaf. And I'd always find it there. After some time, surprise, surprise! It was gone! "Where did it go?" I loudly asked myself. Suddenly, there was a lone yellow/brown/white butterfly pulling out of its own wrap. Then, it flew and swirled around a nearby Gumamela flower. It was so amazing! I couldn't contain my awe. That was the first time I witnessed a caterpillar transform to a butterfly.

Looking back, this simple event might seem mundane and uninteresting for some. Sometimes, however, simple things teaches us valuable lesson and holds some truth.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Is There Happiness If You Are Single?

Can you be happy if you are single?

A guy once asked me that question. I was like, "Is he ridiculous"? 

He was my officemate. One day, for some unknown reason, he popped up that question. I was older than him so he called me "ate" ('a' as in aha! and 'te' as in terrific), meaning "older sister".

"Ate, you are still single. Are you happy? Isn't it lonely to be single?" he asked, all of a sudden throwing many questions at me all at once.

"Yes, I am happy!" I answered him, short of saying "Why wouldn't I be happy"?

"Well, you are alone. And when you grow old, you don't have somebody beside you", he added.