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How To Make a Single's Life Worthy

How much are you worth? Find out your real value.
“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill

Are you worth your money? Are you worth your possession? Are you worth your status in life? Are you worth your position in society? Are you worth your business?

What we think is our worth

Many of us think that we are worthier because we accumulate wealth. The fact is without our possessions we are nothing. Even if we add up all our treasures, we are dispensable. When we die, what we did and what others had become because of us would make us. Our money, gold or any other wealth does not measure us as a person.

Power Boost!

The Door to Happiness Series Find Out How Life Boost Will Make a Happy Person!
A “boost” for our day-to-day life is no different from the immune booster or vaccine we take. We need it, badly. Boost will keep our “life immunity” strong so that whatever life throws at us we are sure that as we “wriggle out” from challenges, we can take it.

Welcome to the last part of the Door to Happiness Series. As a recap, the four-part series are:

We Must Be Happy that talk about our right at happiness.Face the Big Bad Wolf that tackle on facing our fears that may hinder our chance at happiness.Wriggle Out that encourages us to leave unwanted emotions such as anger and be forgiving instead.Power Boost! It is our life immunity booster to keep us “well”.
Why do we need a boost?

Wriggle Out!

The Door to Happiness Series

Welcome to the third part of the Door to Happiness Series! 

Just a recap, the first part was “We Must Be Happy” because just like couples – married or dating – singles ought to be happy, too! The second part “Face the Big Bad Wolf” talked about us facing our fears that may partly hinder us as we work our way towards happiness. This one, the third of the series, encourages us to soar, to reach for our happiness in our single-blessedness.

Last time, we turned the knob to open towards our happiness. This time, with the door now open, we are going to take the stairs to reach the top.

Let us liken our pursuit of happiness to the flight of stairs. The steps of the stairs correspond to the actions or things we need to do to acquire complete happiness. The steps are like the things we need to do to reach our dream.

Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Let us take a break from our Door to Happiness Series. Do not get distracted, though. The third part of the series is brewing. 
There's the traditional way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Popularly, couples celebrate this non-liturgical event over a candlelight dinner at a restaurant, the table set elegantly with musicians to serenade them as they dine, and a perfect wine to match the sumptuous meal. There would be flowers - red roses mostly - that adorn the place. After dinner, when they go home, petals (hopefully not the one from the restaurant) greet them as they enter their bedroom, from the door to the bed forming the heart shape. We know what happens next… 

Then, there is the non-traditional way to remember this day. It would need a little openness on a single person's perspective because this is uncommon. However, you may find it to be rewarding.

Face the Big, Bad Wolf

The Door to Happiness SeriesGood Reasons to Fight Fear and Be Happy
Welcome to the second part of The Door to Happiness Series! 

We, singles are afraid to be alone, afraid to be lonely. Worry not because we can still be happy. This time let's get motivated to fight our fears, so that we may pursue our happiness in our single-blessedness. Let's start with V Day.
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Every couple out there is busy — buying gifts, flowers, restaurant reservations for that romantic candlelight dinner, a date somewhere cosy, etc... As certified single as you are, everybody just asks you about your rendezvous with Mr. Right. It is just about the right time for them to make you feel from awkward to downright sad. Fret not. Happiness is in the air, even for single persons like us.

Why Singles are Entitled to be Happy

The Door to Happiness Series What a way to start! (Sigh…) It must be that my happiness is tested. Just before posting this, I have written a long essay already when accidentally, all that I’ve written were erased in just one “unknown swift moves” as I write directly onto my netbook. Now, I can really write about happiness. (Insert laughs…)
Like any other human being in this planet called Earth, we, singles are also meant to be happy.
In my recent post, “Single, and Happy. Why?” I quoted Phyllis Reynolds Nayhor. Again, I quote from her Alice Alone, “You don't have to be part of a couple to be happy, you know.”I believe our happiness is not dependent on somebody else.
Before I go on, let me reiterate my point. Singles are meant to be happy in the same way married persons are entitled to their happiness. Why? I also asked myself that question.

What, Loneliness?

Have you seen a butterfly? The butterfly is a fragile, beautiful, colourfully winged creature. You wouldn't think it was ugly before it evolved to a very lovely specie of its kind. With its size, you would appreciate its creator for the unique design of its wings and its array of colours.  
When I was in grade school, my mother used to grow lots of plants and few flowers such as Gumamela, at the side of our house. One day, I saw a caterpillar crawl on a leaf. It consumed the whole leaf as if it hadn't eaten in days. The caterpillar went to another leaf and ate again, and to another, and another. Until one time, I saw it enclosing itself in a sticky, cotton-like wrap. The caterpillar stayed inside and wrapped for so many days. I was once tempted to touch it but my grandmother asked me against it. Every day, whenever I got home from school, I'd check if it's still hanging under the leaf. And I'd always find it there. After some time, surprise, surprise! It was gone! &…

Is There Happiness If You Are Single?

Can you be happy if you are single?
A guy once asked me that question. I was like, "Is he ridiculous"? 
He was my officemate. One day, for some unknown reason, he popped up that question. I was older than him so he called me "ate" ('a' as in aha! and 'te' asin terrific), meaning "older sister".
"Ate, you are still single. Are you happy? Isn't it lonely to be single?" he asked, all of a sudden throwing many questions at me all at once.
"Yes, I am happy!" I answered him, short of saying "Why wouldn't I be happy"?
"Well, you are alone. And when you grow old, you don't have somebody beside you", he added.