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What is the BIG Question for Singles?

When are you getting married?

If you are in your 30's and still certified single, you will get that most of the time. You can not escape that nagging question. Your friends, your family's friends, your co-workers, your batchmates, that guy who's making a pass at you - they will just pop that question from nowhere...every possible minute. Okay, that is an exaggeration. But seriously, they will ask that "big Q" whenever possible. But what's interesting?

During my panel interview last November 7th, the Chairman of the Selection Board asked that question. Upon hearing that, I thought I find the when part of the question intriguing. Curious? Here's how I think it is.

For adults pa rin ang Pasko - very good reasons

Ang Pasko raw ay para sa mga bata...lamang. Na ito raw ay hindi na angkop para sa mga matatanda kundi para lamang sa mga batang paslit at mga walang muwang. Parang ang lungkot naman ng mundo kung gayon nga. Parang kulang. Kaya nga iba ang palagay ko...

Isa ako sa mga naniniwalang ang Pasko ay para rin naman sa ating mga matatanda. Isa ako sa mga matatandang naghihintay pa rin at nasasabik sa pagsapit ng Pasko. Naniniwala ako na ito'y hindi "exclusive for kids". Mahiram ko lang, sabi nga sa "Going Bulilit" eh - for adults ALSO.

Why Do We Need to Accept Change?

Five (5) Good Reasons to Accept Change and Be Happy
"Everyone wants to change, but change demands desire and discipline before it becomes delightful. There is always the agony of choice before the promise of change." ~ Larry Lea
We want to maintain our smile and happiness.We want to manage stress to live a happy life.Change is permanent. Change "changes".Acceptance is key.We must stay positive - whether we want to remain single or marry in the near future.
It is a common belief that an old bachelor/bachelorette is either lonely, ill-tempered or grumpy. Why? I believe it has something to do with acceptance or non-acceptance of change in our lives.  But is it the singles alone?
We associate these not-so-good attitudes to "poor singles". There may be reasons for this phenomenon. But I noticed that it boils down to the acceptance of change we experience. That being said, the "labels" are no longer a monopoly of singles as it may also apply to any person…

How to Improve Good Work Habits Effectively

Eight (8) Important Tips to Break Bad Habits
Are you out-of-focus? Do you miss your deadline? Are you in trouble with your colleagues / co-workers because of gossip? It must be because of bad work habits. It must stop before it ruin everything.

These suggestions might help you break that, little by little. Read on.
I consider these suggestions as gems because they are worth keeping in mind. They are experiences of mine. I learned some of them from my mentors / bosses in my previous jobs, though. Here are Eight (8) ways that will help us improve work habits: