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Guest Post: The Power of Reading

Not all people were given the opportunity to read and write. Even up to this age and time, there are still illiterate people that had a hard time continuing their studies because of many reasons. May it be financial or geographical reasons which are applicable to those people living in far flung areas where there is no school available within their vicinity.
So, for us who knows how to read and write, we should know how lucky we are. Lucky enough to see the world in words and we should know how powerful we could be because of it. Let's use this opportunity to gain more knowledge so we can impart what we know to others.
Because of reading, we can not only gain knowledge but it can also allow us to learn the right values and attitude. Reading can give us a number of opportunities to learn something new and can open us to the world of dreams and ideas. Above all, we can gain wisdom (though we can't get wisdom solely by reading, it can give us a glimpse of it). Can also lead us to…