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Kindness Pays

It really pays to be kind to others. We don't know what a person is going through at a time. A little empathy, a little kindness or respect will help - or might go a long way.  Or, it might save us from embarrassment.

A stranger you meet in a bus or train could be your future employer or landlord or neighbor or in-law or could be one of your relatives like 3rd or 4th degree of consanguinity that you just happen not to know.
One episode of "Be Careful with my Heart" came into mind. Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria), the main female character, saved the mute child Abby (Mutya Orquia)when she accidentally entered into the airport's luggage counter and passed through the screening. Maya covered Abby with her own body to shield her from possible harm. Abby is not in any way related to Maya but it did not hinder Maya to reach out to an innocent child. Later on in the story, Maya is hired as Abby's governess by Sir Chief (Richard Yap), the lead male character who plays the role …

Seize the Day!

Last Friday, I was like "It's Friday again. felt like it was just Friday yesterday!" 
Time do really fly so fast! (How can I catch up with you?) Now, it's Monday again.  And it's October 1st!  One wouldn't really notice that it's been quite a while; that a lot of things around us have happened.