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Fridalicious and New Weekends

Hello, everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  After quite some time of hiatus, here I am again exclaiming in my head "Yes, it's Fridalicious!"  What do you look forward to on Friday, or weekend?
Well, I'm not looking forward to going to a bar partying with friends sipping beer or dancing in loud music.  It's not just my cup of coffee.  Mine is all about catching up with my siblings, playing with my nephew, watching movies, catching up on my favorite TV series, reading novels and...sleeping like a log, longer than the usual.

No to Relationship Killer

One of the many important factors that will help keep any relationship growing healthy is trust. Without this, any sweet relationship will be sour which may turn bitter eventually.
More than a month ago, I was meaning to post this article. But for some reason, I lack the inspiration to write so it went to "stagnant" status. I saved the title - no text whatsoever, just title. I did not even plan on changing it. Ironically, I did not expect that one of my close friends (almost a family) would be the source of my "inspiration" because of her involvement in a "secret" that my family was keeping.