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Babala: Para sa mga Sumasakay ng Bus

Ito po ay isang babala (hindi pananakot) para sa mga nasa Metro Manila na madalas na sumasakay ng bus.  Kung may cellphone po kayong medyo mamahalin at mahilig na gamitin ‘to habang nasa loob ng bus - nakikinig man ng music o nagti-text or nag-i-internet, mas lalong para sa inyo po ‘to.  Konting pag-iingat lang po.
Dalawang beses na kong may nakasakay sa bus na nawalan ng cellphone.  ‘Yong unang nakita ko (pero hindi ko naman alam na dinudukot na pala ang cellphone niya) ay nasa bandang Fatima ako, pauwi na.

In the Eyes of a Child

The story that I'll share will probably evoke different emotions from you. 

During our Ad Clash in senior year in college, we were tasked to come up with a Public Relations campaign for one of the malls in the Philippines (not the popular one).  The campaign was all about Filipino Values.  One of the competing sections (our competitor) came up with love for the elderly.  It was very simple and touchy we admit they deserve to get the first prize.  The story goes like this...

Single's Perks

Single people enjoy some "perks" some married couple may envy making them wish they're single again.  Sort of 'advantage' we might say.  Which one you enjoy the most?  Please read below.

1. Sleep tight the whole night.  Except for some unexpected disturbances from your 'friendly neighbor' or you being insomniac, you need not worry about waking up in the wee hour of the night to change diaper or do the milk formula or lullaby the baby back to sleep.  This does not apply to single parent, though; and single parent who can afford nanny. are the nanny.

Forgive and Forget?

There. Somebody just pushed you to your limit. All of a sudden, you turn red in anger. You blew up. After a while, the culprit apologized to you. Will you forgive and forget?
You might be going through a bad relationship right now and you and your bf/spouse exchanged words neither of you can take back.  Or a friend of yours disappointed you or stabbed you at the back you felt bad about yourself.   Or the person you trusted the most just betrayed you. Because of this, you think you can't trust anybody anymore.  You are hurt - very badly.
As frail as we are, realizing our mistake, we ask for forgiveness; they who hurt us ask for our mercy. We forgive, they forgive. But should we forget? What are we going to forget? How far are we going to forgive?
I've had few big hurtful events in my life I dare not jot them down in details.  I've forgiven people who have hurt me. I've forgiven myself. I did not forget the mistake, though. I am remembering the experience, the lesson, t…

Etiquette in a Jeepney

There's dining etiquette, social etiquette, etc...When boarding a passenger Jeepney, we also follow some silent rules to make the trip pleasant even if it's just short.   These unwritten policies serves as a system to make our public transport experience a bit easy and sometimes, fun.  Note: if you are a foreigner wanting to try a Jeepney ride, do the list below and enjoy the experience.  Bear in mind that these may also apply to other public transportation vehicle such as bus and FX taxi.
Okay, so let's say you know where you want to go. All public utility vehicle have sign board to tell you where they're going.  Read the sign board first before you hail it or if you don't know or not sure you've got the right route, ask the driver. Now that you're inside, the following are common passengers' practice.  They are considered proper etiquette.

Popular Jeepney Sayings

Ever since I've become a dyip (jeep) commuter, I have read many proverbs posted in its different corners.  It could be the driver's poetic request from passengers or it could be about the driver himself.  It could make you smile or laugh or frown - depending on how you take it; but please don't be offended.
The list of sayings that you'll read here are gathered by experts such as the ff: the student who is reviewing while sleeping on her way to school, the near-sighted bald guy whose favorite seat is behind the driver and the sexy flirt who has a deadly armpit odor.
You must be familiar with these sayings.  Of course, there's a lesson behind it and you should learn it if you are a tourist in Manila or any place in the Philippines where jeepney abounds.

The Fabulous Blog Award

This is my first time to receive an award and it's really made me so happy.  It is an honor to receive this and the FABULOUS THANK YOU belongs to...Menopausal Mother.  Her blog URL is this:

This award has rules I need to post and follow.  Rules to the Fabulous Blog Award:
1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and share the link back to the awarding blog. 2. Name 5 fabulous moments in your life. 3. Name 5 things that you love. 4. Name 5 things you hate. 5. Pass the award to 5 deserving bloggers.