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A Farmer's Son

There’s an old farmer whose only income comes from planting rice and sweet potatoes.  His only son, a very loving one, helps him in cultivating the ground.  Together they wake up very early in the morning to start working.
Because of the meager money they earn, the farmer’s son finished high school but did not pursue any further education.  Although, being a very industrious man, he still works as a tricycle driver.  He usually drive in the afternoon after lunch leaving his father working in the field – with just a few things left to do since he had helped his old father already earlier in the day.  He saves this extra income for his future family and emergency needs.
One night, police came up to their humble Nipa hut and arrested the young man.  He was charged for a crime he did not commit – the murder of an affluent guy who is his rival over a girl they’re both courting in the same village they’re all living in.  He was being framed up but because the guy belongs to a very rich family…