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Educational Trip


(A reflection on my recent travel to W. Samar)

At first, I thought the trip I took (bus ride of 20 to 22 hours) to W. Samar was going to be very boring and tiring.  Until something caught my eye and eventually my attention.  I never thought this simple travel can be very educational.  :)

Hope of the Young
After an hour since we left the provincial bus terminal, and trying to silently figure out how I will spend the long hours, I saw this quote: “Ang magulang ang pag-asa ng kabataan”, which is "The parents are the hope of the young" when translated to English.  It was carelessly painted at the rear body of a truck.  For a while, it made me pause… and think.  I think it made sense.  I realized that before the youth can become the hope of the nation, they’ll borrow and learn it from their parents first.  Then it made me think of my own parents…how they are imperfect yet perfect for me.  How I hope in them...Aww! :D