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Palimos po...

(English trans: Alms please...)

"Te, pahingi pong pera, pang-kain lang po".
                I heard these words, a faint voice from a young girl while I was about to finish my breakfast meal at a fast-food chain.  It was Saturday morning, the 15th.  She was asking for some money so she can buy food.  I looked at her.  She was sitting on a chair of the table to my front right with her right thumb to her mouth.  She was wearing faded shorts, t-shirt and slippers.  She looked a bit dirty.  Her upper lip was a bit swollen and her left arm, the upper part, looked purplish.  After several minutes, since she kept on asking me some alms, I asked her.
                Me: Do you have parents?                 She: (Silence...)                 Me: Do you have parents? Mother? Father?                 She: Yes                 Me: Then why are you here? It's early.                 She: (Silence...she looked the other way.)                 Me: Where do you live?                 She: (She mentione…