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Seven Ways on How to Stay Positive

Do you want to be a positive thinker?  

I have posted the testthat will help you determine if you are an optimist or a pessimist. This time, several friends of mine have helped me come up with a list of what a person may do to be positive most of the time. I hope this post will benefit you in any way it can.

I asked my friends the things they commonly do to stay positive. The suggestions below are the summary of their answers. I also included my personal practice and my observation of other positive people's practice.

Belief and hope in God.  Some of my friends who answered this trusts that faith and hope in God helps them to look beyond what is happening. By trusting in Him, all else will be bright even if the surrounding is not. 
Count your Blessings.  This also means being thankful when counting the blessings. It's good to know that we also learn to see that everything that's happening, good or bad, there's always a blessing. As I mentioned in my previous post, good thi…

Quiz: Are you a Positive Thinker?

Last week, my sister and I hang around the mall to bond. After eating, I made sure I drop by my favorite bookstore to look for something to read [usually a romance novel ;)].  And then, I stumbled upon this book with intriguing title.  What a coincidence I wrote about positive thinking last time! Finding this book helped me checked myself.  And so, I'd like to share this to you, my friends.
(There are helpful tests and tips in this book but I won't put them all in a blog. The book is affordable.)

According to Dr. Amit Abraham, author of Personality Development through Positive Thinking, being optimistic helps us develop our personality (for the better).  
To check if you are a positive thinker, here take the test.
Please read the statements below and respond to them positively or negatively.  BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF.  Your honesty in answering the test will help you.  Answer either YES or NO.  (You can grab a pen and a paper to write down your answers).

Count your Blessings


And stay positive!
     In my Single Blessedness 101 post, one of the things I mentioned I do to enjoy my status as single is to count my blessings.  Yep, that's right! =)
     Most of the time, it's easier to spot the disgrace, the mistake, the wrong.  Is it just natural for human?  Maybe.  If we were to be shown with a clean, white paper with a dark dot in the middle of it, what will we see?  Back in elementary, in our Values Education/Formation subject, when I was in 3rd grade (I think, hehe..sorry sign of aging), all of us answered one: the dot.  The same trick was used when I was in high school, still in Values Education subject.  Good thing we improved because some of us answered "dot" while some answered "bond paper with dot".  See?  It's easy to be negative than to be positive.  It's easy to complain than to obey (yes, I'm guilty haha).  It's easy to see the dark side than to see the negative side.  
     It was in the later year in hi…

Etiquette / Manners – one of the keys in building relationship?

Remember your Good Manners & Right Conduct (GMRC) subject in elementary?

The other day, July 1st, I read a “weird news” on The Telegraphabout an email from an allegedly mom-zilla.  According to the news, in just a few hours, this email reached half of the western world already.  What’s the email all about?  It’s about incoming daughter-in-law’s "improper etiquette" when she visited her future mother-in-law in London.  The email was from the mother-in-law but the target of the email – the daughter-in-law, sent it to her few friends which in turn sent it to some friends until unknown friends sent it to somebody and then now it reached the eastern part of the globe. 
If you have read it (before continuing reading this post), you may agree with the mother-in-law or you may sympathize with the daughter-in-law.  Either way, there are simple truths that I learned upon reading the article.  Here are the few I noticed: